Campfire Convention with artist and larp designer Nina Runa Essendrop and Psychotherapist Jonathan Goldsmith are inviting you to come and celebrate the summer solstice.

Nina and Jonathan have created a unique, magical, experience to celebrate the upcoming solstice. By weaving the interdisciplinary tools they both possess you will be taken on a profoundly moving, touching, beautiful and magical journey: ‘A Solstice Experience’.

what is a ‘solstice experience’?
“A Solstice Experience” is a physical, immersive larp about the sensations we get from movements, touch and senses. It’s a chance to be in community with one another, to be part of something bigger, to celebrate and to share knowledge. It’s a game about what it is to experience life in a human body.

Larp is originally an acronym for Live Action Role Playing, but today it’s used as a name in itself. It refers to an interactive game where people immerse themselves in fictional circumstances to explore other ways of perceiving, behaving or experiencing.

This larp is unique in that there are both players and an audience. The players will be given specific roles and fictional identities to explore, and the audience, while given some basic instructions, will essentially be playing themselves.

The larp will explore what happens when these two groups engage with one another.

Both the player group and audience will be taken through a experiential workshop, tailored for your group in which everything you need to know will be explained to you. You will have ample time to learn and practice the mechanics of the game.

When you sign up you can choose to be in one of two roles: a ‘player’ or an ‘audience member’. Both roles will offer a chance to participate and for you to have a full, rich and meaningful experience.

what happens in the player role?
The players will play ancient solstice consciousnesses, naturally curious and gentle, that have been given human form for the first time. They don’t understand rational logic instead they experience the world through poetic images and sensations.

Being in a human body is a totally new experience for these beings and they want to carefully explore the nuanced ways that humans move through the world using their senses; they want to experience ‘being’ in a human body.

If you are a player you have to be there by 6pm.

what happens in the audience role?
As the audience you will be given the role to help prepare the physical space for the solstice consciousnesses.

You are then invited into these wonderful beings curious world, and can interact with them if you so choose. You can help them use their newly found bodies by showing them movements or describing sensory information. The interactions will be slow and careful and as audience members you can make your own choice in how much you take part in the larp or just observe. The choice is yours.

NLP in Practice: January 28th 2017″The NLP in Practice Group Day; The Special Guest Sessions” FOUR of our NLP Trainers, a FREE book … AND YOU!

Come and join us for a unique PPD Learning community day to meet up with other NLPers, practice your skills together, and develop your expertise with NLP.

It’ll be a fun and friendly training day offering you a truly diverse range of topics in applied NLP to progress your personal and professional goals. It’ll be like four of our amazing practice group evenings all in one day, packed with practical NLP tools, demonstrations, experiential exercises and activities.

The sessions are taken from‘The PPD Learning Practice Group Book – The Special Guest Sessions’ which you will receive FREE on the day.  

The book includes chapters by 10 professional trainers and with chapters on Leadership, Negotiation, Networking, Studying, Relationships and Coaching and an appendix with a full NLP Foundation Skills manual.

Robert Dilts called the book “an exceptional collaborative effort.”

Judith DeLozier said it demonstrated “mastery and artistry”. Karen Moxom from ANLP called it “a gem of a book”.

 So come and update and enrich your NLP practice, build confidence in your coaching with NLP, remind yourself of what you already know but have maybe forgotten or not used for a while  as you deepen your understanding and practical use of these powerful tools for learning, communication and change.

Come and get your NLP knowledge truly in the muscle – it’s deliberate, structured practice that makes the difference! 

Programme includes; 

Judith Lowe – Zen in The Art of the NLP Meta Model

This session is about a way of practising and coaching with the NLP Meta Model with a skilful, soft, relational and open coaching style. The Meta Model tends to be introduced on a Practitioner programme as an information-gathering tool and then is used in a somewhat linear, quick-fire, interrogatory mode. 
Here the process is deliberately slowed down and the coach encourages the client to bring a gentle awareness, sense of spaciousness, relaxation and curiosity to the process. The client then explores and transforms their issue or situation, in relation to more of a felt sense of the infinite possible forms and meanings available. This can often be a profoundly creative and self-renewing process. 
Judith has presented variations of this session at NLP practice groups, the NLP Conference and Masterclass days as well as on PPD Learning Practitioner and Master Practitioner programmes

Dido Fisher – Exploring Other Worlds; Somatic Coaching

Dido focuses on training the skills of self-leadership;  increasing people’s individual capacity and power that can then be applied in any given field, both professionally and personally. She works with all kinds of people from business leaders, artists, people with special-needs, to adults and children on a Hero’s Journey. The beauty of this practice group session is that it can be adapted for the needs and benefits of any diverse group. 
This practice group involves experiential work and an exploration through some of the fields of NLP learning we revel in; observation, calibration, rapport, positional flexibility, intent and energy.

Jonathan Goldsmith & Dido Fisher – Be More Creative

Creativity is, as any good NLP-er should know, a nominalisation! It is a process rather than a ‘thing’, which is how it is often referred to in our culture. Furthermore, we speak of creativity as an identity level statement, i.e. you either ‘are’ or ‘are not’ creative. Looking at creativity from this perspective one can understand how it appears to be something that is slightly elusive, and ‘being creative’ is the purview of a special bunch of people who identify themselves as ‘creatives.’ 
Creativity exists within all of us; it is a process that we tap into whether we are aware of it or not! The process of creativity although the form and content of which will be deeply personal and often unique to each individual is a process of building connection, and like all processes it can be modelled and taught. Come along and find out how!

Muriel McClymont – Build Your Resilience

Muriel works with creative freelancers including actors, musicians and writers, who frequently and routinely have to deal with rejections and disappointments. The only to way to survive in their industries is to learn strategies to develop inner strength and resilience in order to stay motivated for the next opportunity, and the one after that. 
These skills and strategies aren’t only useful for creative freelancers, they’re also invaluable if you work in sales, as a manager, teacher or organise events. Unplanned things happen, clients, customers, pupils and employers become unhappy, and negative feedback, mishaps or disappointments at some point are inevitable. This session is about learning how to deal with the knocks in a way that develops resilience, allows learning to occur and helps people stay resourceful.


NLP in Practice is our series of events bringing to you workshops from our PPD Learning trainers and our associates  in the field to give you an experience of how people are using their NLP in practice. 

Creativity can mean different things to different people, and that is the pure joy of it. If you ask an actor to describe ‘creativity’ you may get a different answer than if you asked an HR Manager. This process is a product of each individual’s map, there is no right or wrong way to ‘do’ creativity it all depends on what context you are using it for. 

If you then accept the fact that there is no right or wrong way to “do” creativity, then you can start to look at each individual as being able to become a Creative Genius! It’s just a matter of helping people tap into their own creative resources.  Ask yourself, what could you do if you had more creativity in your life? What would become more possible?

On this new NLP in Practice workshop Jonathan Goldsmith and Dido Fisher will be exploring what ‘creativity’ is and will give you practical tools for harnessing your creative potential.

Saturday December 3rd- Exploring and Understanding your Creative Process

‘Creativity as the conversation between the conscious and unconscious minds’ 

Creativity is talked about as if it exists outside of us in the real world. As any NLPer should know this is a nominalisation, we talk about it ‘as if’ it exists in the external world like a tangible thing!

Furthermore, we can often speak of creativity as an identity level statement, i.e. you either ‘are’ or ‘are not’ creative. Looking at creativity from this perspective one can understand how it appears to be something that is mysterious elusive and ‘being creative’ is the purview of a special bunch of people who identify themselves as ‘Creatives’.

Creativity exists within all of us, it is a process that we tap into whether we are aware of it or not! 

The process of creativity although the form and content of which will be deeply personal and often unique to each individual is a process of building connection, and like all processes this can be modelled and taught.

On this workshop will be looking at one description for this process, which comes from Stephen Gilligan and Robert Dilts’ work on Generative Coaching which is that: creativity exists as the relationship between our conscious (cognitive) and unconscious (somatic) minds.

We will also give you the tools to model out your own creative processes and show you that by learning how to consciously understand your own map of your creative process and you can incorporate more creativity into your everyday life.

You’ll experience how your creative process can be ignited when your cognitive, somatic and field minds are communicating in sync and you’ll explore ways to practice this for yourself.  This will give you a practical sense of being able to come up with new ideas, ‘think outside the box’ and develop new kinds of approaches to your goals, plans and projects

You’ll also experience ‘trying on’ different creative maps, utilising embodied (somatic & cognitive) metaphors, giving you the tools to enrich and expand your own creativity.

The promise of NLP, as laid out in Frogs into Princes, was to make the world a more ‘groovy’ place and by giving you the tools to be more creative in all areas of your life  is fulfilling part of that promise.

What would an artist paint if they used a scientist’s map of creativity?  How would your professional life benefit if you were able to bring a musicians creativity into your work?

Come along and find out!

What you you get from attending this workshop:

• An understanding that Creativity is a process that exists in relationship both internally and externally

• That by being able to practice tapping into our creative processes and you can practice being ‘more’ creative.

• That you can experience other people’s creative process to expand your current maps of what it is for you to be creative.How to create and use embodied metaphors as a way of connecting our cognitive and somatic and field minds.

• Exploring when and where you experience creativity and how this can be applied to all areas of your life, giving you more choice and flexibility when it comes to ‘doing creativity’

Tools that we will be exploring on this workshop:

• Using COACH state as a method to connect our cognitive, somatic and field mindsUsing and creating embodied metaphor (cognitive and somatic) as a way of connecting to our creativity as something that exists inside our bodies as a felt sense.

• Using Somatic Syntax to explore and express the creative process.

• Exploring other maps of creativity through metaphorical modelling, and giving you the experience of trying on each other’s models.

• Chunking up and down the experiences of trying on other maps of creativity to have access to more choice and flexibility with your own map.

• Creating a shared creative resource (a we-source). 

• Giving the participants the experience of co-creating a embodied (cognitive and somatic) creative process.  

• Exploring NLP 3rd Generation ‘Field mind’ tools as applied to creativityModelling across patterns of using creativity from high functioning contexts, into other areas of your life.

“think left and think right and think low and think high. oh the thinks you can think up if only you try”

Dr Seuss

Who are these workshops for?

Well the simple answer is anyone! Being able to tap into your creative process is something that will benefit all areas of your life, personal and professional.

For those of you working as coaches, therapists, trainers, leaders, you will come away with a felt sense of how to bring more creativity into your professional lives, offering you new choices when working with clients, running trainings and working with generating new ways of  functioning in a highly effective  in your businesses.

‘Being More Creative’ enables you to solve problems, explore new ways to come up with solutions to issues, bring new types of thinking to stuck situations, progress projects and plans, bringing a newfound sense of excitement and change back into your worlds!

You will also come away with the tools to help your own clients to explore their own creativity, and the benefits that will give them to their overall sense of well-being and self-efficacy  *

For those of you that want to explore how to have more creativity in your personal lives, this will be the perfect opportunity for you to experience utilising the creative process for your own pleasure and satisfaction: is there a creative dream that you have always wanted to explore? This is the place to turn that dream into a reality!

In our work over the last few years, running workshops and creative practice groups we have worked with a hugely diverse range of people that have wanted to bring more creativity into their lives : From actors to coaches, lawyers to sculptors, parents to accountants.

No prior NLP experience is needed to attend these workshop and it is open to all levels of experience. 

One Day Masterclass: Self-Leadership, Resilience and Vision in Challenging Times 

A  practical NLP Masterclass for everyone who wants to be more real, happy and productive

Watch Judith’s introduction film from our 2015 Masterclass:

We live in unprecedented times of change and challenge.  There is an inherent instability and lack of permanence in many of our personal, social and professional contexts. We are required to be flexible and imaginative, yet grounded, realistic and smart.

In these shifting conditions it’s likely, even for the “brightest and the best”, to lose their way sometimes, get distracted and stressed, and then not be able to be at their best when it counts.

The NLP based skills and approaches for Self-Leadership, Resilience and Vision are absolute pre-requisites for our busy, complex, modern lives. These skills and frameworks are the foundations for our most productive and creative work.  

• They enable us to generate the new ideas and the more systemic type solutions we need, and bring them into action in the world.

• We can create more livable lives, that are meaningful, compassionate and worthwhile.

Self-Leadership is about self-care, self-management, inner motivation and emotional intelligence. The skills of Self-Leadership lead to an overall ability to thrive in difficult circumstances.

Resilience is a core component of Self-Leadership. It’s a kind of steady inner strength and a robust sense of well-being and energy. It’s the living embodiment of an active, engaged sense of self–efficacy, – which is a belief that a person is capable of recovering from adversity and of responding effectively.

Vision is the big picture, the felt sense of the ‘field’ of potential.  Personal and professional values give meaning, direction, inspiration and form to our vision. It is through a sense of vision that we are able to dream our dreams, express ourselves in the world, and make a worthwhile contribution.

Who is this new NLP Masterclass for?

• Do you have a goal or a project you would like to move forward, or a problem you would like to solve, and yet there’s a lack of clarity or energy that is stalling your progress?

• Do you want to create a new project and get it moving in the right direction?

• Do you have a vague sense of wanting to make something positive and different happen in the world or in your life but don’t know how to get started?

• Do you currently get a kind of ‘burn out’, feel stressed and unproductive  at work or at home, and wish to have a more steady and flexible approach to everyday challenges? 

• Are you at a point in your life when things are changing and you need to ‘step up’ somehow, raise your game, strengthen your sense of agency and stabilise your focus and motivation?

This CPD day is of course also designed to offer new tools and approaches for professional coaches, therapists, trainers and managers who want to work with these issues with their own clients and customers.

Bring a Problem to Solve, a Goal to Clarify, a Project to Progress

• The starting point for this practical and experiential NLP Masterclass is that you select any one of your current personal and/ or professional issues.  It can be in the form of a problem you want to solve, a goal that needs more clarity and motivation, or an ongoing project that you want to progress.

The NLP based tools, skills and approaches for Self Leadership, Resilience and Vision involve and include;

Skills for quietening the mind and body

• Finding the ground under your feet

•  Being comfortable with uncertainty

• Recovering from ‘survival mode’ type episodes and experiences

• Fostering an inner rapport and self-appreciation 

• Energy management and emotional self-regulation 

• Motivating values and beliefs, agency, responsibility 

• Strengthening a felt sense of vision and personal contribution

• Vision, mission, values, goals, plans and actions 

• Dealing with obstacles, resistances and doubts 

• Effective communication and behaviour 

• Gathering the allies, support, relationship, community 

• Creativity, flexibility and imagination Reality checks, evidence based progress

 Being at Your Best – and Doing Your Best Work 

There are no certainties in life and no guarantees of health and happiness and success. Everyone experiences ups and downs, and ebbs and flows of confidence, achievement and well being in their life

However what we can do is make the most of our opportunities and talents, as and how we can, within the various constraints that life offers us.

NLP models and tools offer a uniquely integrated and multi-level approach to optimising our ability to learn, communicate and perform effectively.

This Masterclass aims to give you some of the key frameworks and skills to optimize and leverage your sense of well being and your ability to perform well, solve problems and make progress under difficult, confusing or complex conditions. 

There’s a kind of readiness, centredness and sense of capacity and creativity that we can nurture within ourselves – to face the unexpected, to meet the challenges and changes of life – with just the right kind ofpersonal sense of inner strength, compassion and gentleness, lightness and good humour.

The One Day Masterclass is part of our ongoing commitment to helping you live your mission and vision through advanced NLP practice.

Watch closing comments and feedback from last years Masterclass:

I have been invited to speak at the Richmond NLP Practice Group:

NLP in Practice: Be More Creative!

NLP tools and technology are now commonplace in the coaching, therapy, education, health and business worlds. In fact NLP is often taught to be specifically utilised as a either coaching tool, a way of being more effective in business, or as a communication model. NLP is less known in the field of music, food and entertainment.

Jonathan Goldsmith is a Psychotherapist, coach and NLP Trainer who has specialised in using NLP in the field of creativity. He runs workshops under the name Be More Creative and has written on the links between Psychotherapy and Creativity, as well as running NLP events on modelling the creative process.

In 2016 he began working with a multi-disciplinary artist Ysanne Spevack on a project called “YNTEGRITY”.  YNTEGRITY is an immersive experience, exploring consciousness cross-modality via all five senses in tandem. The concept is to create something that is greater than the sum of its parts and has parallels with Robert Dilts’ work on Collective Intelligence and his concept of ‘a holon’.

YNTEGRITY is designed as a series of events in which all five senses are explored with music and food as the foundation. YNTEGRITY combines music and food with art, psychology, neuroscience, technology, fragrance and choreography partners and through the work with Jonathan: NLP, Generative Change and Eriksonian Hypnosis.

In September this year, the first project from YNTEGRITY was realised in New York at an event called: “Cacao in E Major; An Immersive Feast of Chocolate Synesthesia in 5 Verses for 5 Senses”.

Jonathan worked alongside Ysanne during the months leading up to from the conception of this event right through to the actual performance, on exploring how to direct and curate the participants journey. This included designing and running a workshop with for the performers taking part in the event in September.

At the Richmond Practice Group, Jonathan will discuss his work on this project. He will deconstruct the processes that he used on this project, so you can see how the NLP in this project was applied from the event itself all the way back to the original conceptionand in the preceding months leading up to it. Jonathan will also demonstrate with you a number of the NLP processes that he designed for this project so you can experience them for yourself. 

You will get the chance to see how by layering and combining the principles and skills that NLP is based upon you can create something unique out in the world, in order to inspire your NLP practice back into what ever field you use it in.

Some Links and Press about YNTEGRITY:

Jonathan Goldsmith Biography.

Jonathan Goldsmith is a Psychotherapist, Coach and Trainer and runs his own company ‘Be More You’. Jonathan has been working alongside Robert Dilts and Stephen Gilligian to create the IAGC “the international association of generative change”, a new global body that promotes ‘Generative  Change’ across  the globe. Jonathan is also a partner in PPD Learning alongside Judith Lowe and together they have been running for the last 3 years multi level trainings for Practitioners and above to encourage people to practice, deepen and enhance their NLP.

Bringing Presence to your Presentations with NLP Saturday November  

This course is strictly limited in places and tickets are only £95+VAT

A warm invitation to all our members of the PPD Learning Community 

A special day with Judith Lowe and the 2016 Trainer Training group

Bring Presence to your Presentations with NLP!

You are warmly invited to join Judith Lowe and our NLP trainers’ group on the final module of their programme for a very special day on the art of public speaking and presenting.

What makes a compelling and motivational speaker and presenter?How do excellent speakers prepare themselves physically and psychologically? What actually is ‘authentic charisma’ in a presenter? How do great trainers and speakers convey confidence, poise and competence?

The ‘inner game’ of public speaking and presentation is the core around which all your choices about the content and style of your presentations is built. 

Connecting to a sense of your identity and mission, your vision, values and contribution creates a powerful sense of personal alignment and congruity. Also using leading edge approaches in somatic intelligence and embodied mindfulness will help you centre and focus your energy to achieve the impact you want.

On this experiential workshop you will learn key tools and essential skills to optimise your unique ‘voice’ and to produce the kind of confident, effective communication your audiences can positively respond to.

This day is both a ‘masterclass’ type day to enhance your personal competence and expertise and it is also offered as a taster day for people interested in the trainer-training programme.

Although we are looking first and foremost to welcome PPD Learning students and friends to a great day on the ‘inner game’ of presenting, you will also get the opportunity to work with our new trainers and where appropriate to give and receive useful informal performance-based feedback.

It’ll be a fun, full and friendly day of play and learning designed to bring out more of your authentic charisma in your presentations and in your life.