Why Altruism is good for your health.

February 2018

One of the projects that I am working on this year is being on the steering committee for an organisation called Campfire Convention.

Campfire Convention is a community of like-minded people who believe that individually and collectively we can shape a better, fairer world. The on-line social network and real world gatherings bring members together, enabling them to share ideas and skills and initiatives, and to campaign for non-partisan social change. A truly modern cooperative that is totally independent of commercial imperatives. Campfire Convention’s path will be determined by the hopes, aspirations and efforts of the community.

The idea of supporting a community of communities is very much aligned to my own values and principles.

One of Campfire Conventions projects is called the ‘Global Beacons’, this is a series of events that will happen across the globe on June 21st.

I love the Global Beacon project, I think it’s a fantastic thought that there will be people from all around gathering on the same day to set an intention to make a difference; for themselves, for their families, their communities & the people around them.

Yet, did you know that altruistic acts can change for the better the way you experience the world and are good for your health? Not only do altruists & volunteers tend to live longer, they are also physically and emotionally healthier.

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Posted by Jonathan Goldsmith in February 2018
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