Do you have an idea that you have not yet managed to bring to fruition? Perhaps you would like to bring more creativity into your work, home or personal life? Perhaps you find yourself stuck on a project and would like some help or guidance, or maybe you think that you are just not a ‘creative person’ and that creativity belongs to other people.

I believe that we all have the potential to be creative, it is something that exists inside every one of us and something that with practice you can be better at. I believe that creativity does not just belong to ‘creatives’, it is something that we can all have more of in our lives.

As well as my public training and workshops, I work one to one with you on your ideas, plans, goals and visions to make them a reality. I look at developing with your ‘creative side’ to find ways for you to have a better relationship your creativity.

Creativity Mentoring will be unique and your needs, focusing on a specific project or working more generally to build your creative abilities.