I believe that we are all creative, but it’s rare that it is used to it’s fullest potential. What I find exciting about creativity is that there is no right or wrong way to experience it, an artist’s experience will be different to actors, as a parent you will experience it differently from being at work in an office and all are equally true and valid. By gaining insight into your creativity, understanding when you are at your best or when you’re held back, and why, you can improve your own creative process.

This isn’t about fixing you – It’s about lifting you higher, guiding you and elevating you to your limits so you can achieve a better understanding and relationship with your own creativity, and ultimately, be more creative.

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Creativity Salons

A lively interactive practice and discussion group, each Salon has it’s own theme focusing on differing aspects of creativity. I lead the group in a discussion aimed at their creative juices flowing and we explore different approached and theories. I also take the group through different practical exercises and tools that they can take home and use.

Read what people have been saying about the salons:

“I really enjoyed it, it is a wonderful way to hear about other people’s creative perspectives, it created a safe space for sharing”
Dolly, 26, Nanny

“A really good session, networking and meeting people was fantastic, I enjoyed connecting with other creative”
Karel, 32, PR Executive

“It was great to meet a completely new circle of people and discuss a subject that can inspire I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and feel inspired to keep on creating!”
Yasmine, 29, Actor


Be More Creative 2 Day Workshop

This is a two day workshop co-facilitated with trainer and change consultant Dido Fisher. In this workshop we focus on giving you a better connection with your own sense of creativity. We all hold an internal ‘map’ of our creativity and this workshop gives you a clearer understanding of how you already do ‘creativity’ and how to bring more of it into your life.

The workshop also gives you a chance to expand your own experiences by exploring the other participants creative ‘maps’: exploring what would happen if you can experience creativity through someone else’s eyes; What would happen if a Painter thought like a Chef? An Actor like a Mathematician? A Production Designer like a Dancer?

Read what people have been saying about these workshops:

“What an utterly amazing experience! I felt held and nurtured and safe and relaxed. The workshop was a fabulous exploration of not only your creativity, but of yourself. Thank you, thank you! It felt as though enormous amounts of thought and care had gone into setting up this course”
Holly, 35, Advertising Executive

“Thank you to all who participated and especially those who worked to put the workshop together and lead it. A very worthwhile and enjoyable weekend!”
Amy, 33 Comedian

“The whole weekend was framed as a very supportive space for exploration. I really trusted Jonathan and Dido and the rest of the group which enabled me to explore and go with the processes. I would absolutely recommend the course to anyone, everyone was coming from different places and stages and creative backgrounds – it would be useful for most people”
Rose, 36, Theatre Producer



See what happens on this workshop

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