Jonathan Goldsmith
Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Generative Coaching and Counselling.

I’m Jonathan Goldsmith, a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and a coach, and my company is called Be More You.

“Be More You” came about when someone asked me to describe what being a therapist and my personal and professional development journey had done for me. 

I realised I felt “much more me”, happier with the person I had become and more comfortable inside my own ‘skin’. This stuck with me, and ‘Be More You’ was born. 

At the core of all my work is the belief that people are full of the potential to be amazing! I don’t see anyone as being broken or in need of ‘fixing’. We all have strengths and capabilities inside us. I see that my work is to help you connect to these resources to create the life you want, to equip you to meet the world in all of its glorious splendour and messy, complex challenges with equanimity.

The role of therapy:

The path to ‘being more you’ may not always be the straightest one: Often, we are not taught how to deal with our sadness, anger or anxiety and still be ourselves. We can learn to be ‘less than’ through childhood experiences via our families, schooling or communities and receive negative messages about who we are. 

Sometimes we may also experience trauma or adversity that we can’t process by ourselves. 

Left unchecked or unresolved, any of these can turn into ‘symptoms’ such as depression, anxiety, addiction, obsessive thinking, low self-esteem and an inability to self-care. 

However, if experience has taught us how to suffer, we can relearn better ways of being! And this is where therapy comes in; as human beings, we all can get to the point where we need some help and support to create choices for ourselves where previously we felt stuck. 

Be More You is about connecting you to all of you! 

How I work:

I am trained in several therapeutic modalities, including body-based work, counselling, and different types of coaching, and I have an extensive background in hypnotherapy. 

I see every human as being unique! No two clients are ever the same, so no two therapeutic journies should be the same. I start from a place of curiosity to get to know the individual who decides to work with me. I then tailor my approach to fit my client’s needs. 

Therapy for me should be a practical experience: my adage is that ‘therapy is therapy when a client can leave a session and integrate the work back into their lives.’ I will work with you to develop the tools you need to make the changes you want. 

If we’re going to learn how to get physically fit, we may seek help from a personal trainer; I look at therapy as being like a personal trainer for our mental and emotional selves. 

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