Jonathan Goldsmith
Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Generative Coaching and Counselling online, and in Marylebone (NW1) and Barnet (EN5).

I’m Jonathan Goldsmith, and I’m a Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Generative-Change Coach and Counsellor. 

I currently work exclusively online via Skype or Zoom, and when it will be possible, I will be seeing clients in one of my two practices; either in Marylebone or in Barnet.  

At this time, subject to availability, I am supporting an initiative via Welldoing.org to offer counselling support to NHS staff and their families free of charge. Please email me for more information.

I am also offering some reduced cost online work for people who are financially affected during the Coronavirus. A large proportion of my client base tends to be creative freelances or working in similar jobs. I think a combination of isolation and financial worries can be detrimental to mental, emotional and psychological health and where I can, I am happy to offer support. 

More about my work: 

As well as my being a counsellor, hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, I offer mentoring and coaching to help and guide people with their creative projects, aspirations, and dreams. 

I am a supervisor and developer in a global communiny called the International Association for Generative Change (IAGC). This is a worldwide organisation of coaches, therapists, and trainers who all work under the banner of fostering ‘Generative Change.’

To “generate” means to create something new. The core focus of Generative Change is creativity: How do you create a successful and meaningful work life? How do you create great personal relationships? How do you develop a great relationship with yourself — your body, your past, your future, your wounds, and your gifts? These are the fundamental challenges in leading an extraordinary life. The processes of Generative Change offer a way to succeed at them.

I have extensive experience working in the creative industries and have been involved with various creative projects. These have included working on immersive theatre/ cross-modal shows in New York and London, utilising the tools and principles of Generative Change and my background in hypnosis and trance work.

I love to support and collaborate with artists, musicians, chefs, actors, and performers, I think that the creative arts are an area in which there is incredible potential for fostering positive transformational growth and change.

At the heart of my work, Be More You is about connecting you to you! And Be More Creative is about unleashing your creative potential to bring your dreams into reality…

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