Be More Creative 'NLP Tools for Understanding Your Creativity @ The NLP Conference

February 2016

I am presenting at the 2016 NLP conference on Sunday 17th April 4.30pm-6pm.

Be More Creative: NLP Tools for understanding your creativity

‘Creativity as the Conversation between your Conscious and Unconscious Minds’

Creativity exists within all of us as a process. This process is a product of each individual’s map, so an artist’s map may be different to that of a scientist. There is no right or wrong way to ‘do’ creativity – it all depends on what context you are using it for. By being given the tools to model your own creative processes, you can learn to consciously understand your own map and how to incorporate more creativity into your everyday life. You’ll experience how your creative process can be ignited when your cognitive, somatic and field minds are communicating and you’ll explore ways to practice this for yourself. You’ll also experience ‘trying on’ different creative maps, utilising embodied (somatic and cognitive) metaphors, giving you the tools to enrich and expand your own creativity.What would an artist paint if they used a scientist’s map of creativity? Come along and find out!


The outcomes of this session are for the participants to explore the following NLP tools:

  • Working with how people see creativity. De-nominalising creativity as a process
  • Exploring the work of Iain McGilchrist and Louis Cozolino regarding the difference between left and right brain processing and how the brain is connecting to our nervous system. Using this as a filter to understand creativity as the ‘conversation between our conscious and unconscious mind’
  • Using COACH state as a method to connect our cognitive, somatic and field minds
  • Using and creating embodied metaphor (cognitive and somatic) as a way of connecting to our creativity as something that exists inside our bodies as a felt sense
  • Using Somatic Syntax to explore and express the creative process
  • Exploring other maps of creativity through metaphorical modelling and giving them the experience of trying on each other’s models
  • Chunking up and down the experiences of trying on other maps of creativity so that the participants have access to more choice and flexibility with their own maps of the creative process

This workshop references and explores the work of Stephen Gilligan, Iain McGilchrist and the work of neuroscientist Louis Cozolino, exploring how they relate to the map of NLP as applied to understanding and exploring the creative process.

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Posted by Jonathan Goldsmith in February 2016
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