Creativity Salon: What does creativity mean to you?

March 2014

Last Saturday saw the launch of our first Creativity Salon at the Fields Beneath Café in Kentish Town. Twelve creative souls turned up to this sold out event to chat about creativity, drink coffee and eat some cake.

After friendly introductions, everyone got down to the business of exploring “What does Creativity mean to you?” Our resident psychotherapist and creative coach, Jonathan Goldsmith, began with explaining how the relationship between our conscious and unconscious minds is inextricably linked to creativity – and how we can enhance our relationship with creativity by getting in touch with our whole system of mind, heart and body.

Jonathan demonstrated a way of using metaphors to understand our creativity: a way of making the un-tangible, tangible, and therefore easier to relate to. The group then all gave this a go, playing around and exploring their own and each other metaphors; imaginations were working on full steam. By then an animated discussion developed on what creativity actually is and what it means to be a creative person. The group shared their positive and negative experiences of creativity at work and play and looked at how to utilise other people’s perspectives to get over their own creative issues or blocks.

With a mix of people round the table that included a photographer, an actress, a therapist, a yoga teacher, an artist and a DJ it was great to hear how different outlooks on creativity could come together, find common ground and share lots of laughs. Everyone was in agreement that it was great to be able to network and start to build bridges between different creative communities as a way to become even more creative.

What people said about the event:

“A really good session, networking and meeting people was fantastic, I enjoyed connecting with other creatives”


“It was great to meet a completely new circle of people and discuss a subject that can inspire I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and feel inspired to keep on creating!”


“I enjoyed being open about my creativity with others, building confidence, learning that creativity isn’t black and white and meeting some lovely people. Thanks Jonathan”


“The afternoon was fun, interesting, and provides a relaxed cake fuelled opportunity to play with your ideas and creative expression and to try out alternative views”


“A brilliant workshop! I loved discussing and interacting with a group of different but great people”
Posted by Jonathan Goldsmith in March 2014
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