Creativity Salon: How do you experience creativity?

April 2014

Saturday April 12th the second in the series our creativity salons. Psychotherapist Jonathan Goldsmith started with the question “How do you experience Creativity?”

The group was even more diverse than our last salon and included a nanny, a computer programmer, a yoga teacher and a banker turned blacksmith artist.

Jonathan helped the group explore some of the underlying patterns that each of them had around their creative projects. This quickly got the group discussing what the differences and similarities where between their approach to creativity. He then suggested to the group that they all swap patterns so soon we had a marketing executive thinking like a nanny and a computer programmer exploring how his project would work if he thought like a yoga teacher. The group explored some of the limiting beliefs they had encountered when using creativity at work and play, and learned more about what part their unconscious plays in controlling their thought patterns.

Another successful event and one that saw an exciting mix of creative people coming together. The next salon is June.

What People had to say about this event:

“It was great to be reminded that I am not alone in my creative struggle – it’s just good to be around like minded people”


“I loved Jonathan’s style and manner – do it, you need it!”


“I enjoyed the beautiful energy and making new friends – if you want to come, you must!”


“I really enjoyed it, it is a wonderful way to hear about other people’s creative perspectives, it created a safe space for sharing”


“I enjoyed meeting others in the same creative boat – it’s the best £10 you’ll spend, and the cakes are SO GOOD!”




Posted by Jonathan Goldsmith in April 2014
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