Be More Creative Workshop April 2014

May 2014

On the 25 April, 14 people met in a café in Kentish Town at 7pm for the start of a weekend exploring their creativity.

We were thrilled to have a Sold Out event for the launch of this new workshop “Be More Creative”

Our two facilitators, Jonathan Goldsmith and Dido Fisher, took the group through a series of opening exercises to help the group get to know one another and to start getting everyone thinking about creativity in an ‘embodied’ way. This was the start of the weekend-long treasure hunt to help the participants build a more defined, better, clearer and more useful relationship with their creative parts.

We then had a mysterious white rabbit appear to lead the group off to sit under the stars and go on a vision quest to end the evening.

White Rabbit

We reconvened Saturday at St Marks Church and spent the morning developing the idea that creativity is something you have a relationship with.

The group had the opportunity to explore this wonderful environment and we spent the afternoon looking at connections between themselves, their creative muse and how they can bring the best of themselves to different situations.

Sunday Morning took place somewhere slightly different and we looked at what happens when you look at the possibilities available to you with a clearer, more defined sense of how to be creative.

We would love to tell you how the weekend ended, but that would ruin the surprise!

Suffice to say, both Jonathan, Dido, and the group had an amazing weekend. See what the participants had to say about the weekend

Posted by Jonathan Goldsmith in May 2014
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