BMY-04One-to-One Coaching

I will work with your key members of staff to bring out the best of them in your workplace. Individual coaching gives your staff the opportunity to work on specific areas of development that will be of most use to them.

I can work on a range of goals looking at areas such as: wellbeing, confidence, communication skills, developing teams and groups, effective time management, leadership skills and honing and working out what can give them the tools to be at their most effective efficient and happy within your workplace.

I can also work with problems or issues that are holding them back such as stress, anxiety, depression or burn out.


Team Coaching

If your business relies on the effectiveness of your teams then it makes sense to have your teams working effectively!

I will work with your team so that they are functioning not just effectively but ‘generatively’, working together so that the sum of the whole becomes greater than the individual parts.

Coaching will give your team an understanding of how your they can best work together, how they can communicate more effectively both with each other and in your business and to your customers; and how each individual can be honed to play to their individual strengths.

This can be achieved via individual and team coaching sessions and workshop and training sessions.


Pitch Performance

Does your company rely on pitches to gain business? Are you missing that bit of sparkle and magic in their performance? Do they know the information yet lack the presentation skills to really deliver? Do you want to know how to build up the excitement and emotion in your clients? Do you know what non-verbal signals your team are giving off?

I will work with you and your teams to bring out the best performance in your upcoming pitches. Pitches are a unique environment, not only do you have to deliver the information in a coherent way, you are there to create an emotional felt reaction in your clients. Looking at the way your team performs in these crucial pitches is an art form in itself and something that can be practiced and developed with your teams.