Bespoke Workshops

“QVC is the world’s largest electronic retailer – with a 24/7 ever-changing multi-media shop window, creativity is key if we are to maintain our leadership position and competitive edge. I am often looking for ways to jump start creativity amongst my team. Knowing how Jonathan uses different techniques to engage his audience, I asked him to run a Be More Creative session at our offices in London. Jonathan brought his insight, charisma and structure to bear, delivering an engaging and though-provoking session that captured the imaginations of my team. I would recommend Jonathan’s sessions for those seeking an interactive and individual approach to team development.”

Sue Leeson, Director of Marketing and Insight, QVC UK.

“Jonathan is a tremendously innovative and inspiring coach who is able to produce unique training programmes dependent on the needs of your business. He is able to bring people out of themselves and to realise their true creative potential to be happy and fulfilled – not just in their day to day lives but also more generally in their lives outside work”

Adam Foley, Director of Sales and Strategy at Guardian Labs

Creative Collaborations

Cross-modal artist Mee discusses what working with Be More You brought to her  YNTEGRITY : HAPPINESS project.


Creativity Coaching

“I loved Jonathan’s style, and found his coaching truly inspiring. It allowed me to see myself and my work as “creative”, a title I had previously reserved for artists, and that is having interesting repercussions. Firstly it has started to clear a block I have had in my work. I realise now that if I focus on my creativity, and more importantly start to enjoy it I can produce far more interesting results. Jonathan guided me through processes that gave me real insight into how I can alter my physicality to change in my situation on the spot. He also helped me to connect my big-picture goals to the tasks that are before me on a daily basis, so that the ‘why’ behind menial tasks is much more clear, and the tasks are therefore much more achievable. It was eye opening, empowering and great fun.”

Sula Bruce, Charity Executive

Creativity Training

“I’m an American who was living in London during 2014, and while there I participated in two of your creativity workshops. I wanted to let you know that, of all the experiences I had while living in the UK, participating in your workshops were some of the most memorable and have had a lasting and positive impact on my life. In fact they provide some happy memories during what were otherwise difficult times for me”. 


“What an utterly amazing experience! I felt held and nurtured and safe and relaxed. The workshop was a fabulous exploration of not only your creativity, but of yourself. Thank you, thank you! It felt as though enormous amounts of thought and care had gone into setting up this course”


“Thank you to all who participated and especially those who worked to put the workshop together and lead it. A very worthwhile and enjoyable weekend!”


“The whole weekend was framed as a very supportive space for exploration. I really trusted Jonathan and Dido and the rest of the group which enabled me to explore and go with the processes. I would absolutely recommend the course to anyone, everyone was coming from different places and stages and creative backgrounds – it would be useful for most people”


“I really enjoyed learning not only about my own creative process but also about the ways that the other people on the workshop related to theirs and how that could inform my own. Now, I feel a greater sense of peace with my connection to creativity. The workshop is a brilliant supportive environment with techniques and insights to connect you to your creative self. I would heartily recommend the course not only for discovering better ways to connect with your creativity, but also with your ‘better self’. Love you guys, thanks so much!”


“It’s a really great course, a refreshing way to connect to creativity in a supportive environment. I loved the element of surprise! Big thanks to Jonathan and Dido”


“Thank you, I feel I have found me – my direction and pathway…I found my inner creativity”


“The workshop would suit everyone. I was so pleased to attend, I learned and expanded my model of creativity. Well done Jonathan, so pleased to take part!”


“The workshop is a good opportunity to explore some ideas around creativity, bond with others and meet new people, have fun, challenge some ideas and look at your priorities in a non-threatening, supportive, environment. Well done!”


“The workshop is a journey through interlinking activities and experiences that opens up your understanding of and relationship with your own creativity. It left me inspired. A huge thank you to both Dido and Jonathan, keep it up!”


“I enjoyed the shared experience with the group and the shifting of venues, perspectives, activities and methods which supported us to access our creativity. The venue on Saturday was fabulous – really added to the sense of importance. The workshop provided a really interesting set of ways to explore your relationship with your creative self, to identify any blocks, learn to physically release them, and to have fun with it!”


“A lot of thought had gone into the venues, food and activities. The weekend gave me an empowered sense of having faith in what I’m doing and where I’m headed”



Participant testimonial from Creativity workshop: “The x and why of creativity”

Creativity Salons

“Do it!”


“It made me realise that there are a lot of options out there for me to explore”


“I enjoyed exploring how we perceive our own creativity and how we can all develop this”


“I enjoyed thinking about things in different ways, but also realising similarities – it was interesting to come and explore the process of creativity”


“It was great to be reminded that I am not alone in my creative struggle – it’s just good to be around like minded people”


“I loved Jonathan’s style and manner – do it, you need it!”


“I enjoyed the beautiful energy and making new friends – if you want to come, you must!”


“I really enjoyed it, it is a wonderful way to hear about other people’s creative perspectives, it created a safe space for sharing”


“I enjoyed meeting others in the same creative boat – it’s the best £10 you’ll spend, and the cakes are SO GOOD!”


“A really good session, networking and meeting people was fantastic, I enjoyed connecting with other creatives”


“It was great to meet a completely new circle of people and discuss a subject that can inspire I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and feel inspired to keep on creating!”


“I enjoyed being open about my creativity with others, building confidence, learning that creativity isn’t black and white and meeting some lovely people. Thanks Jonathan”


“The afternoon was fun, interesting, and provides a relaxed cake fuelled opportunity to play with your ideas and creative expression and to try out alternative views”


“A brilliant workshop! I loved discussing and interacting with a group of different but great people”